planes-将波音737 MAX机型的停飞时间延长至12月3日





Airlines don』t want to run the risk of counting on the plane only to be caught off guard by another delay. People flying to visit friends and relatives for holidays and over school breaks often don』t have much flexibility to adjust plans on short notice, or much patience for last-minute changes.


American had 24 of the 737 Max jets in its fleet at the time of the grounding in March and was supposed to have 40 by the end of this year.

資料:WSJ, CNBC,外媒

Other carriers such as Southwest Airlines Co. and Air Canada have opted not to schedule any flights on the MAX until next year, when they feel more confident regulators will have signed off and the necessary training and maintenance will be complete.


(圖片via VCG)American expects to cancel about 140 flights a day in November through Dec. 3, higher than the 115 it expects in the two months leading up to Nov. 3, the date it previously expected the planes to return to its schedules.

Some industry officials still believe the latest problems can be resolved quickly enough to have the planes back in the air just before Christmas.



當地時間9月1日,一架由亞美尼亞航空公司運營的波音737客機在飛行途中,因電力設備發生故障緊急迫降 。一名亞美尼亞民航局發言人表示,沒有人員傷亡。

New Delays Could Keep Boeing 737 MAX Grounded Into Holiday Travel Season (via WSJ)

Boeing suspended deliveries of new Max planes after the second crash but is still producing them, albeit at a slower rate. The manufacturer expects the planes to return to service in the fourth quarter but has warned it could suspend production altogether if there are more delays.

此前,波音737MAX客機由於連續發生兩起致命空難事故,其安全性備受質疑,該機型在全球範圍內遭到禁飛 。

It could take upward of six weeks to train crews on new software and procedures and perform checks and maintenance on planes that have been parked since March, a Southwest executive said last week.

據外媒報道,美國航空公司(American Airlines)宣布加入美國聯合航空公司,將波音737 MAX機型的停飛時間延長至12月3日 ,這比市場預期晚了一個月左右。

▲ New Delays Could Keep Boeing 737 MAX Grounded Into Holiday Travel Season (via WSJ)

The latest complication in the long-running saga, these officials said, stems from a Boeing briefing in August that was cut short by regulators from the U.S., Europe, Brazil and elsewhere, who complained that the plane maker had failed to provide technical details and answer specific questions about modifications in the operation of MAX flight-control computers.


▲ New Delays Could Keep Boeing 737 MAX Grounded Into Holiday Travel Season (via WSJ)

當地時間2019年7月1日,美國西雅圖,被停飛的波音737 MAX飛機停靠在波音機場。

(圖片截屏via WSJ)據美媒《華盛頓郵報》報道,來自美國、歐洲、巴西以及其他地方的監管機構對波音8月份提交的簡報不滿,他們抱怨說,這家公司沒有提供技術上的一些細節,以及沒有回答有關MAX飛行控制計算機改進的一些問題 。


(圖片via VCG)此前,美國聯合航空公司表示,將波音737 MAX飛機的停飛時間延長至12月19日。一些航空公司也表態,年前應該不會安排MAX機型的飛行任務。


當地時間2019年7月1日,美國西雅圖,被停飛的波音737 MAX飛機停靠在波音機場。



American joins United in extending Boeing 737 Max cancellations until December (via CNBC)